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Psychic  Lola
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All of my spells are very potent, But RESULTS may vary by each individual. Spells are NOT exact
science. Spells are a spiritual matter and a progressive process. In the unlikely case you do not see any results , I will find out what's interfering with the spell and recast at NO EXTRA FEE
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Important Notice

The information on this site is for information purposes only,is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation.
There are many reasons why a psychic reading could be beneficial to your life. When there are things that you simply can not understand for yourself ,or would like to gain a more clear sense of your life .Getting a psychic reading can help unlock such powerful insights!
There is no subject to touchy for Mrs. Lola because she  wants you to leave satisfied and more knowledge then you were before you had a psychic reading with them.

Mrs.  Lola can find out the answers to important question you might have regarding love,career,family,life changes,legal matters,depression,doubt,confusion,health,or anything that may concern you.
Mrs. Lola provide accurate psychic readings that are sure to amaze you! Skeptics have become true believers after only one session with them intense psychic reading.
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(*Must be 18yrs or older to call!! Serious inquiries only)
 Readings That are available
This is a very in depth reading will explain past, present, future.
Will also give you clarity on current situations Answer all questions: love, finance, career, home & family, marriage, success, luck, justice etc.. A good Tarot reading provides an alternative view of a situation, bring new clarity, new choices, new opportunities and understanding
Psychic Reading: Will tell you what your experience are in through life at this present time.
A reading that will touch on your current life situations both with positive and negative aspects.
relationship, love, finances, past, present and future.
This reading will reveal if one or more of your 7 chakras are unbalanced, if so this can effect the way of life as far as positivity, relationship, energy, Can cause stress, insecurity, depression, confusion.
Ms. Lola will be able to determine if any or some are unbalanced. Chakra balancing would be the next step.
Will help with Good Fortune - Court Case - Justice - Fertility - Peace in Home - Peaceful Heart - Spiritual Cleansing - Spiritual Healing - Love - Romance - Marriage - Career - Self-Confidence - Prosperity - Success - removing negative - Obstacles - bad influences. 
This reading that will tell you if there is any negativity in your life, Ms.lola special uplifting spiritual work will clear and remove obstacles as well as extract unwanted and negative blocks from your aura, your personal life as well as the space you utilize at home or at the office.
Tells you about ones strength, stability, health, success . This reading focuses on you.
Ms. Lola will read your past as it was, your present as it is, and your future as it will be.
This is a reading is for those of you who want to know if the one your with is your Soul mate. Is it true love? Will it last? Is he/or she faithful? Will the one I truly love come back? This reading is one of Anna Marie's specialties. She will give you the answers you seek. Positive or negative she will be straight forward with you.
Call  for more information about prices and to schedule your personal psychic reading with Ms. Lola.She offers session by phone, in person,can perform group reading and will appear at special events!
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